Arboritec Wood Floor Cleaner – Concentrate


CONCENTRATE PRODUCT – Mix with water per instructions. Arboritec Wood Floor Cleaner has been crafted to provide the ultimate in floor care on all wood and resilient floors. Leaves no film and has a neutral, clean scent.

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  • Solvent free – Safe for the environment
  • Removes tough to clean dirt and spills
  • Dries fast without leaving any streaks and haze
  • Safe for children and pets
  • No harmful odors or toxins
  • Ready-to-use and does not need to be diluted
  • Not for use on waxed floors

Arboritec™ Cleaner is a neutral cleaning product specially formulated for oiled and lacquered wooden floors. The neutral and non-toxic formula works well on all washable surfaces such as wood, PVC, linoleum, vinyl, other oiled/lacquered surfaces, stone, laminate, tiles, glass, porcelain etc. Cleaner contains no organic solvents or pigments and is environmentally friendly.


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